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The JAG Development Story

JAG stands for Jeff and Addi Gibson, a couple determined to keep quality, ethics, morals, and integrity at the forefront of their business. They met in 2003, on a blind date, and since that time have been a constant team.

Both Jeff and Addi spent their childhood learning the value of hard work. Whether it was Jeff learning to drive tractors at six-years old on a 420-acre cattle ranch or Addi learning the value of an entrepreneurial spirit from her father; who owned a custom home development company and mortgage brokerage for decades.

Jeff started his career in construction being trained in a formal apprenticeship program as a master carpenter. Together, they started a framing business in 2004. It was successful, but Jeff and Addi yearned for something more. They wanted to build something bigger and something that generations could enjoy.


In 2006, Jeff earned his general contractors license. Together they founded Gibson Construction LLC. In 2010, Addi got her real estate license. The couple started flipping homes shortly after. Most ‘flippers’ focus on cosmetic changes, but their philosophy was to rebuild homes with the purpose of preserving its heritage and maintaining a level of quality that would ensure it lasts for generations to enjoy.

While their business ventures continue to grow, both Jeff and Addi are determined to not just provide excellence in construction but to ultimately influence the development of their community and impact the people they serve.


“God has us in a place and a position to impact people’s lives. Each project is someone’s unique and personal experience. We want to create memories that last a lifetime,” said Addi Gibson. “Most importantly, we understand that relationships are what God calls us to develop.”

Mission: Our mission is to establish a legacy for generations to enjoy by building with integrity, influencing the development of our community, and impacting the people we serve.

Become a Part of Something Big

Where the work you do, matters. 

At JAG Development, we're all about creating an awesome culture where incredible people like you can thrive and do their absolute best work.

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